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Ex-envoy: No 'dismantling' to occur on Iran's N. activities

حسین موسویان

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Former Iranian ambassador to Germany Hossein Mosavian reiterated that the limitation on Iranian nuclear program would not last forever, adding that no 'dismantling' will occur on Iranian enrichment activities.

"Dismantling will never occur on Iranian enrichment program," he told ISNA.

He added that in any talks on major international challenge, such as Iranian nuclear issues, negotiators enter into talks with maximum demands, but reiterate further that they would be satisfied with minimum in case the two sides are looking for agreement and compromise.

"If we accept limitations in the final deal to build trust on enrichment, (the limitations) should be only for the trust-building era and not forever. We also define Iran's practical needs for our nuclear program and activities and not for major powers. This issue should be always seriously focuses in final talks."

He further said fuel is produced through enrichment and heavy water, both are legal and legitimate based on the NPT. Fuel production is part of a process needed for peaceful nuclear technology, he said, adding enrichment is legitimate and allowed based on the NPT and there is no disagreements among the members on the issue.

He said an image of final agreement between Iran and G5+1 includes four bases of lifting unilateral and multilateral nuclear-related sanctions, accepting enrichment inside Iran's soil, inspecting Iranian nuclear sites based on the IAEA rules and demands and guarantees on peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear issue, preventing its diversion toward nuclear weapons.

Regarding the probable time duration for enforcement of Geneva deal, he said, "The final agreement, if defined well, can last for 3 to 5 years and then Iranian nuclear issue will be in its routine path."

Mosavian further added that the country based on the NPT is entitled to export fuel.

Meanwhile, on US officials' remarks that military operation against Iran is still on the table, he said, "Considering the US internal situation this is a motto for internal use. I believe that Obama is determined to settle the nuclear issue. But given the challenges he face, the final deal should be in such a way that he would have room for maneuver against Zionists, the US congress and anti-Islamic Revelation groups."

Elsewhere, regarding the next round of talks between Iran and G5+1 to be held in New York, he called for holding the negotiations in capital cities in a rotating manner.

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